Click on Pic for advise from Battered Women's Support Services.

Click on Pic for advise from Battered Women's Support Services.

I believe this poem is timely as a tool for introspection for all men! We need to own our faults & make changes!

Please let there be no applause for this poem. Please let there be no applause for the abuse that I will be showing
If you appreciate this poem think about what it is that you are going to do to put an end to the abuse that exists all around you
Because the break down of the family is capitalism’s biggest tragedy.
I have caused many women that have loved me stress
I confess that some women who treated me best and made their love manifest
Think much less Of me than those of you who don’t know me outside of my poetic success
I have been verbally abusive
Since I was a young child I have been plagued with an illness more malignant than cancer, and I’ve always longed to clean up this mess.
I believe this capitalist/misogynist/racist patriarchy under which we live in is wrong
But I CONFESS that in my personal life I had prolonged the oppression that this society condones
Behind closed doors, when my partner and I were alone. Long after I stepped off of the microphone
When none of my peoples were on the phone, What none of you that support my poems were shown
Is that I was calling the women that loved me
Insulting them with my anger. Trivializing their splendor, the hearts of all these loving women were tender
And I still self-destructed and erupted And never in my life had I constructed
A healthy relationship with a woman I loved until I finally found my wife!
And life had always given me every single reason to try
Yet all I could do when I wrote this poem was ....          CRY.
I am a communicator, blessed with the ability to compose poems and rhymes
Blessed with the ability to have knowledge flowing into the minds
Of those who don’t know me and never met me but I will never let this poetry
Get me a fame of something I never claimed to be.
I am not a saint, nor have I been, I have been verbally abusive to women
Who ARE the backbone of the family tree and of our society
And you can think whatever you want of me confessing this through my poetry
Because I've been working for years to put an end to this abusive behaviour
And I damn well know that I am not the only man in the room
Who has led the women closest to him to an emotional doom
So my brothers, Please stop fronting with your righteous bullshit until you get your own behaviours in check
How we gonna stand up here and pretend to treat women with respect?
Yet not once do you bother to sit down and reflect over the pain you’ve caused women in your own life?
Please, cut the love poems, stop with the “I want to please you with my....” bullshit lines
Confess and repent, acknowledge the pain you’ve caused the women in your lives
Our families are all broken up, husband and wife can’t even stay together, Parents and children can’t even live together
Our social fabric done been severed, Revolutions and families MUST go together

I got so busy "fighting the struggle" I forgot how to be all of my EXes' lover
I broke their hearts, I cheated, I yelled, I insulted, I threatened
I left, I returned, I didn’t give her space, I was telling lies all up in her face
I wasn’t shit!
But I overcame all this mess, and while I'm nowhere near the husband that I wish I was,
I've slowly learned to start leaving the demons of the past at last

Our communities must overcome all this mess
Cherry Natural told me that the best way to start to clean up this mess is to STOP pointing fingers and start the healing from within.

So I conclude my poem confessing
It took me years to curb abusive behaviours and start to find healing within
While I repeat what I was stressing at the beginning of this poem. It deserves no applause!
Because if you clap you will do a disservice to the women that I verbally abused. Do not applaud my abuse nor my confession
Just Look at your own personal life and ask yourself: How can we end all this gender oppression?
(c) SPIN El Poeta.